Blue, Glorious Blue

I’m all about the colour blue these days, as the temperatures start their rapid descent into the single digits of a typical Southern Ontario November, with the late afternoons looking more like evening. Blue, in all its fabulously upbeat permutations, can be a reminder of mellow summer skies left behind or sharp winter skies still ahead. You know the ones, where the snow is blindingly white and the blue of the sky is almost like something out of a Cecil B. DeMille movie. Postcard-like, worthy of a standing ovation.


Blue is the star colour in many of my paintings right now. Say these label names out loud and you’ll understand why: Manganese Blue Hue, Brilliant Blue, Cerulean Blue Chromium, Phthalo Blue, and the work horse of all blues, Cobalt Blue. They add that electric burst of colour I’m craving, even better next to fresh white, glints of copper or more sedate neutrals. You’ll see a variety of blues in many of the paintings I’ve been working on, sometimes as a subtle supporting player, other times as the full orchestra.

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  • You paintings are beautiful… evocative; full of depth and vibrant colour; feeling, and reminiscent of past moments/places enjoyed. Congratulations for all you’ve accomplished in such a short space of time.. the sky’s the limit 🤗🌷

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