In seeing Barb’s painting for the first time, I had to do a double take.

What I saw was the work of someone who’d been painting their whole life and arrived at a sophistication and maturity of expression, which could capture the spirit of their subject in a manner that spoke clearly to me. But no, Barb had only been painting for what amounted to months.

So I’m excited for what the years will look like with Barb’s work. In acquiring one of her pieces, it has become a permanent reminder to stay tuned-in with her exploration and evolution. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Barry Imber, Insite Design

The work appealed to me because of the abstract nature. Of course, Barb is a friend and I love to see her express her passion in an art form others can enjoy. I appreciated the mixed media materials and the size of these pieces was perfect for my first real art! I look forward to enjoying them up on my wall.

Jen Aubertin

Barb brought great insight, vision and skill to the planning for our "Burlington Breathes" community painting. This creation now proudly resides in the gathering space of a local wellness clinic and one of her jewel-toned abstract paintings is a focal point in my yoga and training studio. Beauty, heart and depth of skill are what make Barb's art land in the soul.

Sue Abell